Cressida Kroft

Field MarshalL of the Korvosan Guard


LN Human Fighter 9 / Aristocrat 1
Known for: spiking her coffee with Lesser Restoration potions to both combat the effects of fatigue, and the effects of caffeine poisoning.


You met Cressida Kroft shortly after the king died, and Sabina Merrin sent you over to her to see if you could help her out with stabilizing the city. After running a few quests, she awarded you with deputy badges which marked you as a friend of the guard and gave you a bonus when interacting with members of the public.

As the plague broke out, she directed your efforts to combat the plague, of which you were immensely successful. However, the riots, the plague, and budget cuts have left the guard heavily depleted.

When you last saw her, she sent you into Old Korvosa to rescue Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis. There was one sending since then, but she seems to be busy with something else for right now

Cressida Kroft

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