Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis

The Seneschal of Castle Korvosa


LN Human Aristrocrat 10


The seneschal of Castle Korvosa, appointed a few years ago by King Eodred II.

Based on what he told you, he never liked Queen Illeosa. He felt that she was a gold digger, but respected her as the wife of his king so the two left their feud lie. At one point, he caught her stealing the key to the castle treasury, and was gathering other evidence against her when the king died. That night, he was attacked by Red Mantis assassins and barely escaped with his life, choosing to lay low at the house of one of his friends, Salvator Scream until he was turned over to the Arkonas.

When you met him, he was being tormented by the Arkonas jail keeper. You fled, and he’s currently in hiding in harse while everyone figures out the next move.

He’s hesitant to make himself publicly known until there’s a more concrete plan in place than “I’ll start writing letters to everyone telling them that the queen is bad”. That would make him a target for assassination.

Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis

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