Korvosan Constitution

The Korvosan Constitution (or charter) governs the city of Korvosa’s government. Here are the parts that the group might find interesting.

Government Form

  • There will be a single ruler of Korvosa. They will have absolute power except as detailed below in this section.
  • The Seneschal of the castle is appointed by the monarch, and must be approved by the heads of all of the houses on the succession council.
  • The Seneschal of the castle serves for life, or until they are no longer fit to carry out the duties and resign.
  • The Seneschal will serve in whatever capacity the monarch desires to, but must be present in all council meetings, and will be responsible for maintaining the security and functioning of the castle.
  • The Seneschal of the castle will have the sole power to remove a Monarch that they believe is unfit for duty. They do so by transmitting, via signed letter, a statement detailing why they believe the current monarch is unsuitable to all houses on the succession council.


  • The ruler will follow cognatic primogeniture. The eldest child will inherit the throne immediately upon the death, and subsequent failure to raise, the previous monarch
  • In the event that the previous monarch had no legitimate issue, then a new monarch will be chosen in the following order: (1) Heirs of the previous monarchs, in priority order according to how recent the previous monarchs reigned. (2) the spouse of the last monarch, (3) a successor chosen by the succession council.
  • All claimants must come forward within two years of the death of the previous monarch. Any that do not come forward are considered to have passed over their claims (though may be considered on the death of the next monarch, provided that their claim is still valid)
  • In the event of multiple claimants with similar strength claims, a vote by the succession council will decide the successor.

Korvosan Constitution

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